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Introducing dh

Today everything is online. Shopping, banking, entertainment, brands, relationships. More importantly, your customers are online too - and they expect to find you there as well.

We're here to bring your business online. To connect you with your customers without making a hassle. To find and offer solutions tailored to you and your business. To listen to your needs. And to answer to your needs.

Especially now, being online might mean a difference between generating an income or not. Having an extra channel where you can acquire customers may be the thing you need the most right now. It does not matter whether you want a new website, looking forward to upgrade an existing one or looking for somebody to maintain your current one. We're here for you.

We specialise in web technologies - websites, web applications - and anything related, like e-mail, hosting, maintenance. We have a broad experience integrating payment, fulfilment and other systems, setting up both GSuite and Microsoft 365, setting up and maintaining internal and internet-open servers.

We offer a flexible billing for a long range of our services - a set price for a set number of working hours, a per-case billing, and our most popular - monthly tech charge with extra billing per additional development.