Terms of Service

§ 1. Definitions

  1. ToS – this document.
  2. DH Corp, DH, Author, Owner, Company, Administration – DH Corp. Piotr Pelica, ul. św. Filipa 23/4, 31-150 Kraków, Poland
  3. Service, Product – service or product offered by DH Corp
  4. Customer, User – person or company, that uses product or service of DH Corp
  5. Board – DH Corp's Management
  6. DH Account – account in DH Corp Login Center
  7. Website – DH Corp website

§ 2. DH Corp. responsibility

  1. DH Corp guarantees quality of service on the highest level possible for DH Corp.
    1. We can stop service or product support because of higher power.
    2. We can stop service or product support because of Board's decision.
    3. DH Corp is not responsible of any interruptions caused by third-party, higher power, law, or random accidents.
  2. DH Corp is not responsible for any data entered by service users.
  3. DH Corp can edit or remove User's data when it's causing any interruption to the service or the data is inappropriate in any way.
  4. Services and products offered by DH Corp are offered as is. DH Corp will not guarantee that service or product will work in any way different than specified in Terms of Service, Instruction, FAQ or description. DH Corp will not guarantee that will fullfill all of User's or Customer's wishes.
  5. DH Corp will not take any responsibility for third party applications, products or services.
  6. DH Corp reserves the right to terminate any of it's service or product or contract without prior notification. DH Corp will provide a notification of service termination to it's customers.
  7. In case of extra costs (like a licences, parts, etc.) DH Corp reserves the right to pass them to the Customer

§ 3. General ToS

  1. Using DH Corp's Services or Products is entirely voluntary and acts as declaration of users free will.
  2. Using DH Corp's Services or Products acts as a declaration of ToS acceptance.
  3. To use DH Corp's Services or Products you have to pass technical requirements of the Service or Product.
  4. Customer is responsible for reporting any errors in Service or Product to DH Corp and DH Corp only in a timely manner.
  5. Any actions designed to cause an interruption or destabilisation of DH Corp's Products or Services, access private or hidden data, bypass or break security are prohibited, are basis to refusal of service, and will be reported to authorities.
  6. Any compliants will be resolved by DH Corp within 30 days. This time may be extended on rare ocassions and DH Corp will notify customer is that is the case.
  7. DH Corp reserves the right to modify User's data.
  8. User has the right to see, edit and remove his personal data.

§ 4. Finishing terms

  1. DH Corp reserves the right to change Terms of Service without prior notification. In case of change DH Corp will publish ToS full text on the website.
  2. In Case of ToS change, to continue using Products or Services, Users are obliged to accept new ToS within 7 days of publication.
  3. New ToS apply from the moment they were published.
  4. Design, technologies, concepts, software, data, products and any other DH Corp's creations are protected by law.
14th of January 2018