DHKM is the first mobile app that allows you to check public transit - live, right at your fingertips.

App locates you and shows you live data right for your location. All public transit leaves are updated in real-time - you always know when your bus will leave. Traffic jams, accidents, road works and all the other stuff are included in time calculations.

DHKM is a smart solution for a smart city.

Piotr M Pelica

Piotr M Pelica

App and cloud services
Kamil Żywolewski

Kamil Żywolewski

Data and updates
Mateusz Dziekoński

Mateusz Dziekoński

UX and testing

For providing best quality and the best experience, DHKM sends some data, that are stored on DH Corp. servers. We collect them in couple of ways:

user-provided information
data entered in forms, search, comments, reviews, etc.;

data generated by service usage
phone information (model, OS version, unique anonymous client ID, mobile network information), HTTP protocol information (IP, cookies), device location, error reports.

We gather all this data for statistics, service improvments, creating new and improving existing services. We also use this data to personalize in-service experience.

We do not share any gathered information unless authorized directly by users. We promise to do everything we can to protect any gathered information.

Warning! App uses your internet connection. Your internet provider may charge you for internet usage. Please make sure you have internet package or sufficent funds.

© 2011 - 2020. All rights reserved. DHKM logo and app are protected by copyright law and belong to it's authors.

DHKM service uses publicly avaliable data and/or cooperates with public transit operators.

DHKM was in the finals of Technical Innovation Olympics in software - technical improvement category under the name "Mobilny system wielopunktowej rozproszonej analizy położenia GPS wykorzystujący Wirtualny Monitor Odjazdów autobusów Białostockiej Komunikacji Miejskiej".