Privacy policy

§ 0. General terms

  1. Terms of Service apply to this document.

§ 1. Gathered information

  1. To ensure quality of Products and Services DH Corp gathers data about it's Users and Customers.
  2. Data are gathered by:
    1. data provided by an user,
    2. data generated by Service or Product usage:
      1. information about User's device
      2. device ID that may be assigned to the User's account in the DH Corp's database
    3. data generated by DH Corp's servers:
      1. IP address,
      2. requests history,
      3. User's queries
      4. data about the device (activity, settings, language),
      5. cookie files.
    4. User's location:
      1. DH Corp may gather, process and store User's device location
    5. unique application identificators,
    6. browser cache,
    7. cookie files.

§ 2. Data usage

  1. Gathered data are used to improve our Products and Services or create new ones.
  2. Some of the data may be shared by different DH Corp's Products and Services.
  3. Cookies are used to correctly identify User that is using the Product or the Service.

§ 3. User provided data

  1. Some of DH Corp's Services may share data between it's users.
  2. Data that are available publicly in DH Corp's Services may be indexed by search engines.

§ 4. Access to data, it's modification and removal

  1. User always has access to his or her personal data.
  2. User always has right to modify his or her personal data.
  3. User has the right to decide to whom his or her personal data is shared.
  4. In case of requested removal of personal data, some of the data may be deleted after specified amount of time. This is technology dependent.
  5. User has the right to access, verify, modify or remove his or her personal data.

§ 5. Data sharing policy

  1. Infomation that are anonymised can be shared to our partners. This data cannot be assigned to specific person or device.
  2. DH Corp will never share User's personal data, unless:
    1. User authorized this operation directly,
    2. User data is provided by third party.

§ 6. Data security

  1. DH Corp will take every possible precaution to prevent data from being:
    1. accessed without authorization,
    2. modified withour authorization,
    3. shared publicly,
    4. destroyed.
  2. DH Corp, for protection of data, is:
    1. using HTTPS, SSL and other means of encryption to ensure safe data transfer;
    2. sharing personal data only to people and istitutions that are required to have such access, whether it's required for service functionality or by law;
    3. checking people and institutions that have access to personal data, if the access is required and if it can be restricted or canceled.

§ 7. Final terms

  1. This policy applies to every DH Corp's Product and Service, unless it was made clear, that it is otherwise.
  2. This policy can be changed anytime without prior notice. Full text of this policy will always be available on DH Corp's website.
14th of January 2018