Privacy policy

We gather data

We gather data you send to us, to provide our services, improve existing and create new ones.

What data we gather?

Data we collect are:

  • your browser info
    (what browser you are using and which version, like Chrome 66 or Firefox 59)
  • your operating system info
    (ex. Windows 10, Ubuntu 16.04)
  • cookie files
    (only the ones we created)
  • your IP adress
  • what you input in forms
  • data generated when using our services and apps

What we do with your data?

Your data is processed by our algorithms, to provide the best service available.

We're using collected information to generate statistics. Some of your data can be shared between our other services.

Specific service data can be processed by the service and other DH services.

Data processing is done by automatic algorithms. Human access to data is restricted.

Do we share your data?

We share some of your data with partners. We do audits of their services privacy policies to make sure that they meet our standards.

We never share your sensitive data!
As sensitive data we consider your personal info (name, age, sex, etc.), your medical info, or any data that can be used to identify you as a person.

When data is shared, it's anonymised. This data cannot be assigned to you.

Access to data

You always have access to your data. We will never prevent you from authorized access to your data.

You can access, modify and delete your data, you can decide if you want your data to be shared (except anonymous statistical data).

In case you want to delete your personal data from our systems, you are entitled to it. After you send us request to delete your data, your data can be in our system for 30 days after your request has been accepted - for technical reasons.

Data security

We take data security very seriously. We are taking precautions to make sure your data will not be accessed, modified or deleted without authorization, will not be shared without your consent or destroyed.

We're using HTTPS and SSL connections to prevent your data from being intercepted.

We're checking people and institutions that have access to your personal data, whether it's required for service functionality or by law, if the access is really required and if can be restricted or canceled.

In case of identified incident, that involves your data, we will inform you about the incident details, either by an e-mail, information on our social media or on our website.

This policy applies to every DH Corp's Product and Service, unless it was made clear, that it is otherwise. This policy can be changed anytime without prior notice. Full text of this policy will always be available on DH Corp's website.